Three principle club championships provide our members with a full selection of opportunities to collect pots and prizes each year, whether road rallying, forest or sealed surface events as driver or passenger.


Tarmacdam (comming soon)                                                                             
Forest (coming soon)  
Road Rally (comming soon)  
Super Stars Social based championship 
Lady Competitor (points from all rally championship events)
Stage Beginner (points from all Tarmacdam rounds)
Marshal's Trophy (Points from all Stage & Road Rallies attended)
Nav Scatter (Points accumilated from all rounds)
Autotest (Points accumilated from all rounds)




75 pts for 1st overall

74 pts for 2nd overall

73 pts for 3rd overall

Down to 1pt for 75th overall or below

25 bonus pts for winning an event

20 bonus pts for 1st in class

10 bonus pts for 2nd in class

5 bonus pts for 3rd in class

0 pts for retirement