'Cwrt Garage' Ystwyth Targa Rally - 16th July 2017

An excellent opportunity to rally on one of the country's best known forest complex.

A very challenging day for both driver and navigator, and a good day out for the family.


Please see our Facebook page ( Aberystwyth & District Motor Club) for regular updates on this event.....


Link to Final Instructions-    https://www.dropbox.com/s/g2a9tp2mhd7nadg/Cwrt%20Garage%20Ystwyth%20Targa%202017%20Final%20Instructions.pdf?dl=0                                      

Link to 'Cwrt Garage' Ystwyth Targa Rally 2017' Seeded Entry List  -  www.rallies.info/webentry/2017/ystwythtarga/entries.php?type=s                                                      

Link to  Results Page -                                                                  www.rallyroots.com 


Any one wishing to help in Marshalling on Sunday please contact Paul Davies (Chief Marshall) on 07837 640 063 or e mail -  paul.adavies@darntonb3.com




Please download the relevant documents: